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the RAZR is dead to me

i realized that i never gave my RAZR phone a proper send off, so here goes: i hate the RAZR phone.  it sucks.  i went through 3 replacements (meaning i had 4 RAZR phones).  they all had some problem or other.  dropped calls.  missed calls that never went through.  the irritating sound of a whistling tea kettle.

well i don't have to deal w/ it anymore!  on my last call to cingular tech support, i complained about how this would be my 4th replacement, and i couldn't stand to use the RAZR anymore.  under no circumstances would i accept a RAZR as a replacement.  they sent me a sony ericsson w-600i as a comparable replacement.  while it's pretty thick (at a hefty .95" or so), i was more than willing to accept that trade-off if the phone worked.  and work it does!

i love this phone.  it has a 1.3 megapixel camera – pretty good for a cameraphone these days.  it has 256 MB of memory and acts as a walkman phone w/ 3 internal speakers.  the screen rotates to reveal the keypad, which is lit in a nice soft orange – not that blue LED junk (why is blue LED the rage?  blue light is difficult for the human eye to read – red is the easiest).  it comes in a funky orange faceplate.  and it's bluetooth, so i can easily sync the address book and calendar and pics w/ my mac via isync.  narf!!

unfortunately, nothing is ever perfect.  apparently the mic picks up background noise like it's nobody's business, so it's oftentime hard for the person on the other end to fully understand me.  it's getting to the point where my lady-friend won't talk to me while i'm on the train (b/c of the grating beeping sound when the doors close).  alas, tech support and phone exchange may still be in my future… 

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