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vote for Net Neutrality!

there's legislation working its way through congress that will result in an unequal internet. telcos and providers are lobbying to allow differential charges to website vendors for bandwidth. what that means is that big sites that have loads of visitors and provide lots of content will have to pay more money to the bandwidth providers. bigger companies and websites will spend more to maintain the same amount of viewers, and smaller websites will get screwed by the preferential treatment showed to higher paying customers. this screws everyone on the web except for the people providing your internet connection.

all major websites and internet companies are pushing against this bill, but their lobbying efforts have not proven equal over the years to similar efforts by the telcos who will benefit from the bills. this bill goes against everything the internet stands for – equality. it is a philosophical break with the very foundation of what has transformed our world and economy. the internet is based around a level playing field – those who provide better services and content end up w/ more visitors and users. the others get left in the dust. this bill will insure that those who pay the big bucks will retain more visitors. it's kind of like saying that only Barnes & Noble can move into ground floor retail in your downtown city districts – small bookstores need not apply.

you can learn loads of info and see the way your state reps are voting at this website: http://www.savetheinternet.com/ if your rep is voting against net neutrality (red dot) or is on the fence (yellow dot) you should call (phone #s are provided) and just tell them that you want them to vote for net neutrality.

don't let them ruin the internet.

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  1. tksownz
    April 26, 2006 at 6:13 am

    You forgot to mention that websites might changed to counteract this policy and actually charge visitors from specific isp to use their services!! Im with ya brother if you need help with anything for this drop me a line

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