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Texas Sports as subscribed via Google Calendar

i've never been much of a sports guy.  never followed any sport whatsoever, never watched any sport religiously.  i have gotten hyped up for the Rosebowl the past two years, but on the whole, getting riled up over a glorified substitution for military strategy and activity has never been my cup of tea.  but now that i go to a big state school w/ a huge sport arm (and a good one, too) i figure its time to perhaps try to keep up.  i've said the same thing for the past 4 yrs, actually, and have never kept up w/ any of it.

but now that i can subscribe to the schedule of all UT Longhorn sports through an ical subscription on my Google Calendar, perhaps that will change.  this morning i loaded that calendar and discovered that UT baseball (last year's national champs) was playing Nebraska this afternoon.  right now i have a tab open tracking the game w/ constant updates.  unfortunately for my first day in tracking UT sports, we're currently losting 6-0.

why the sudden interest in Texas sports?  i think b/c i'm in NY.  to be from TX and be in NY carries a certain amount of baggage.  as i'm originally from NY, i used to think that NY was the shit – the be-all and end-all.  nothing could compare.  but after college (in ATL) i moved back to NY and wasn't in love.  i moved back to ATL and discovered that there was more to urban life than just NY.  there are other cities that have great things to offer, but it's funny that most NYers don't really understand that.  now i live in Austin, and though i didn't love it my first few yrs, now that i'm in NY i can understand the things that make Austin so unique and such a great place to live in.  i'm really looking forward to going back this summer and enjoying my remaining time there (how long we'll stay in Austin following my graduation is up for debate).

it's funny, b/c i had never noticed that egocentrism that is central to the views of nearly all NYers.  i obviously succumbed to it, but i now see past that juvenile belief that nothing compares to NY.  cities are just different, but NYers believe NY is the best.  it certainly has loads of experiences not available elsewhere, but can you go biking along a creek in any number of greenbelts w/ your dog in NY?  can you just chill w/ some beers and margaritas and beers in jeans and sandals anywhere you go in NY?  can you enjoy a mild winter in NY?  can you get Ruby's organic BBQ and Tito's vodka in NY?  and can you experience a nice airport in NY (take that LGA – JFK, i'll cut you slack b/c i think that following the renovation you'll be alright)?

everytime i talk to people who have never really lived or been outside of NY, they always somehow let something slide about the superiority of NY when i mention i live in Austin.  this morning at a doctor's appt, i had to change my address and health insurance to reflect my current TX status, and they were enthralled:

'you're from TX?  you're a long way from home!'    'well, NY is my original home.'    'do you like TX?'    'yeah, i do.  it's really different.'     'everything's different from NY.  NY is the best.'

i'll bet that girl has never lived outside of NY, and has traveled very little outside of NY.  its such superficially elitist outlook. 

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  1. April 24, 2006 at 7:15 am

    it’s equally frustrating when people from LI say that they live in NY (knowing fully that most people assume NY = New York City). It goes something like this:
    where are you from?
    Oh yeah? which part? i lived on the upper east for a short time.
    “err, well, not exactly in NY.”
    well, which borough?
    “umm, actually, well in great neck.”
    oh, didn’t realize that long island was a borough.

  2. April 24, 2006 at 7:27 am

    first off, let’s clear up any misconception about being from NY and being from the city. if any dipshits are idiot enough to say they’re from NYC while living on LI, then they deserve to be ripped on. however, LI is very much a part of NY. anything in NY is part of NY.

    NOW, if we wanted to talk about people saying they’re from NY when really they’re from Ohio, well then, there’s plenty of fodder.

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