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LI is a technological backwater

so i'm trying to write this paper today, and i'm looking for a coffee shop w/ wireless internet.  i know starbucks can accomodate this need, but i don't want to go there unless i really have to – especially since they charge for their wifi.  but there is no alternative!  i just spent 40 min calling around a 15 mile radius to see if anyone had free wireless internet, but half the time they didn't even know what it was!  not know what wireless internet is?!  i'm sorry, what??!!  they responded as if i was a 3-headed idiot for asking such a weird question – internet at a coffee shop?  ludicrous!  then at starbucks, one store told me that their connection works half the time – something tells me they have no idea how to troubleshoot it.

am i in bizarro world?  is NY not supposed to be generally at the forefront, or at least up to date?  this is widely accepted technology that gained a foothold 4 yrs ago already!  do people around here not have computers?  do they not know how to communicate in our modern world?  i think that if the rest of the world's population disappeared, the people on LI would be perfectly comfortable continuing their daily existence devoid of the knowledge that something catastrophic had even happened. 

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