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dey done stole’d ma bike! tweece!

2 weeks ago i was duly informed that my precious bike, my faithful companion since 6th grade, was stolen off of my front porch in austin.  i kind of had that coming, as i left it unlocked outside my front door, but there's a 7ft limestone wall surrounding our house, so someone had to come up to our front door to find out that there was a bike to be stolen.  i have my suspicions as to who stole it, but they're suspicions only.  the bike wasn't worth anything anymore anyway (any any any).  it was a rusting steel frame, it was heavy, and i was getting ready to finally upgrade to something a little lighter and in better shape soon.  so no real damage (except for the bike rack i had just bought and installed!).

it was with that in mind that i decided to buy a bike in NY for my daily commute to the train, with the intent of bringing it back to austin in july.  well, apparently bikes are more expensive here in NY than they are in austin.  there was no way i was going to drop over $1k for something that would be several $100 cheaper in austin.  so i hit craigslist.

after a few days i found the piece of junk that i would ride to the train everyday: a $25 mountainbike w/ shocks apparently for a person smaller than i.  but that was ok!  the ride was only 5 minutes and it would only be for 3 months.  after that i would sell it back on craigslist.  my mom went insane ranting about how my bike would get stolen – i insisted nobody would want to steal this piece of junk.  i was talking with experience – nobody had stolen my junky bike in austin after riding it for 3 yrs!  and this was cedarhurst – a nice safe neighborhood!

so i rode my small crappy bike to the train, locked it up at the train depot (first mistake) w/ a shitty lock i found in the garage (second mistake).  the bike had been outside in a rain storm several days prior, so the seat got my ass was all wet – but i was ok, b/c it was a nice morning and a nice ride.

later that day when i returned from NY, i stepped off the train, looked for my bike, and exlaimed with laughter: 'oh my god!  somebody stole my bike!'  i was hysterical – after all the crap my mom gave me, and the crap i gave right back to her, it turned out she'd been right.  i know that if i'd have locked the bike in a more public place than the hidden bike rack at the train depot with a kryptonite lock (not the easily clippable lock i used) it would have been fine.  but i did what i did and the bike was stolen on its first day!  it was only $25, though, so no love lost.

i laughed as i walked through the front door after walking home. 

'where's your bike?' asked my dad. 

'a funny story about that…' i replied. 

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  1. April 18, 2006 at 6:56 pm

    i usually tether my bike to your mom. i find that it makes theft impossible.

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