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Google Maps on your site – made EASY

in making my wedding website, i learned how to create custom google maps. rather, i learned that google’s documentation and the actual implementation are a bit lengthy and difficult if you are not too familiar with javascript (which i started to grasp in order to implement moo.fx as the basis for navigation on the site). what i then learned is that somebody made if super easy to make custom google maps – this guy took all the difficulty out of it, hosts a custom javascript on his server, and essentially lets you create your own maps pain free. you paste his script (really just a pointer to the script residing on his server), put your map in a

, set the height and width parameters, insert your location marker as a link, and put text descriptions for said marker as simply another div. you can then customize the fonts, colors, weights, borders, etc. of the description simly by css.

it’s wonderful. any site looks much more credible if it has its own custom google map. even if you’re only mapping the location of where your dog poops, your site is instantly a seriously professional looking site. (of course, i can’t do anything cool like that on this wordpress site b/c i have no access to code. or do i? i’ll have to check it out later)

GMapEZ – quick and painless Google Maps on your site.

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