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digg for lawsuits

i was thinking about how slow, painful, and layered w/ beauracratic garbage the legal system is. it can take years for a lawsuit to make it to court, and it can be a ridiculous and frivolous suit all the same. case in point, a jury throws out a lawsuit brought by a woman who claims that the benihana restaurant chain was directly responsible for her husband’s death. the fact that this case made it as far as it did is a compelling reason for the US cout system to switch to my new and improved method for advancing cases: the Digg method!

each case gets uploaded to a central website, where anyone can read the merits of the case. if you like the case, you digg it (essentially a thumbs-up for those with their heads in the sand), and it moves higher up the chain. those at the top get heard sooner than those at the bottom. there could even be a special round of digging to throw cases out of the system entirely. perhaps even with a pie in the face for the plaintiff as an added bonus.

this, of course, could never work, b/c you could never guarantee that everyone would get equal representation in the criminal justice system. however, it would be great to see what the current pulse of the nation, or the world even, finds to be either important or frivolous.

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