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artificial light is killing you!

since this non-scientific article has no major data to back it up, i’ll take it at face value as an interesting article that i personally believe to be truthful. why? it makes sense to me. it seems logical. if this came out in Nature or some other medical journal, it would certainly make me seem less a gullible treehugger than a realistic and concerned citizen of the modern world.

anyway, the gist of it is that artificial light has indirectly resulted in the myriad of maladies plaguing modern man. the lack of sleep during dark hours apparently knocks us out of sync w/ our circadium ryhthms. no surprise there. what i found interesting, though, was the referral to early Earth organisms’ use of night-time darkness to repair dna damaged by daytime UV radiation. hmmm…

Shortness of Dark at DamnInteresting.com

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