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on commuting and warm weather

jetbluecommuting currently has two meanings for me. one is traveling back and forth to work every day via the LIRR and subway. the other is flying back and forth between NY and austin or dallas roughly once a month – in the case of this past month, twice a month. my flight to austin two weeks ago was care of the new non-stop service between jfk and austin provided by jetBlue. i love jetBlue. this past weekend when i flew american, i practically went into shcok when they told me what video it was they would be providing for my enjoyment! who were they to tell me that i would enjoy ‘the family stone’!? and then they charged $2 for headsets?! and then they didn’t even provide a snack on a 3 hr flight?! bags of peanuts or pretzels are now part of the cost-cutting brigade!?! oh, but i could buy a snack box consisting of highly processed and preservative laden wrapped foods for $4 (up from $3).

overall, the flight was fine, my bitching aside. spent the weekend in dallas w/ my woman and her parents. we did nothing at all, and it was wonderful. i’m really growing to like these weekend visits where we do nothing but hang out. the stress builds all week when i spend at least 3 hours a day commuting to and from work. to have to spend 5-6 hours total for travel and then go out again the following night with no time for relaxation becomes an exercise in brutality. this is the third time, i believe, where we’ve done nothing on our weekend visit, and i must say, every time we do that i feel great.

to say we did nothing would be a little far-fetched, though. we did test drive the new VW passat. when my lady sold her car at carmax last week (making us a proud 1 car family!), she test drove a passat. now, she’s never really loved my vw golf, aka the general lee, but she’s happy with it. its a cute, responsive, little car, and it has had no major problems to date since i bought it new in 2002. she certainly likes the feel of the car, its design, and the thoughtfully refined touches by those german design bugs at vw. but the golf, i think, has always felt a bit small to her. so that’s where mr. passat rears his head.

after her first test drive, she was immediately in love. now, my mrs.-to-be tends to know what she wants, and when she puts it to the test, either falls head over heels or decides its not for her. apparently i passed the test. 😉 and so did mr. passat (the 2004) version. so this weekend we test drove a 2006, and discovered, much to our satisfaction, that a 3yr lease of a new passat with a package1 upgrade (sunroof, dynaudio sound system, and few other items) will cost only a few dollars more than my current monthly payments on the golf. granted this is a lease versus a purchase, but we’d be getting a fairly good price on the golf, and that price would only go down in the future when we decided to get a new car (which we will be doing no matter what within the next 2 years). so it seems that we could get the most bang for the buck by trading up now and putting that money to good use in savings and paying down debt. it was certainly a big surprise to me, i had expected to drive that car into the ground…

VW “Un-Pimp My Car” videos
VW “Make Friends With Your Fast” videos

other items:

  1. spent 30 extra minutes sitting on the train in a tunnel this morning as a train up ahead of us broke down. i spend a full 2 hrs commuting this morning.
  2. ny is sooooo much nicer when its warm and sunny outside.
  3. mine papa is now an official employee of 3M.
  4. i totally have ADD, no doubt.
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