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ipod killer? puh-leez…


the title of the article says it all: Samsung unveils new MP3 player to challenge Apple’s iPod. and the name of the player, the YP-Z5, automatically disqualifies it from any chance it may ever have of challenging the ipod. the name. is. YP-Z5. would you remember that? could you tell your friend about that great new mp3 player? the, ummm…. the, ummmm… what was it called? forget it.

it blows me away that no matter how many times every other electronics/computer company in existance gets ass-whooped by Apple, they still have no clue. how many times must they be taught that branding and design are tantamount? how many time must they be shown that a catchy name and a clever marketing campaign rule? understand, of course, that the product must rock in and of itself, but still! a good product will do well given a well thought out interface and marketing campaign. and these putzes go ahead and try to brand themselves challengers to the ipod – the IPOD! – w/ something called the YP-Z5.

i just don’t get it.

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