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ipod hifi

yeah, yeah. just like everyone else, i’m disappointed in these ‘fun’ offerings from apple. however, i will say that the hifi is quite pretty. all those yahoos who are bitching over the design are idiots w/ zero design sense. just like all other apple products, it is clean and minimal. it’s freakin huge b/c:

  1. it hides the power transformer inside, so you don’t have to hide some monstrous brick of a power adapter
  2. it contains 3 speakers. while those could surely be smaller based on offerings from say, bose or klipsch, apple is certainly touting it as hi-fi. a double plastic case enclosure and something or other resin on the inside must do something for vibration and clarity.

otherwise, a more expensive mac mini and leather ipod cases? come on…

ipod hifi

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