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Republicans bash Bush Admin on Katrina

“House Republicans plan to issue a blistering report on Wednesday that says the Bush administration delayed the evacuation of thousands of New Orleans residents by failing to act quickly on early reports that the levees had broken during Hurricane Katrina.

“A draft of the report, to be issued by an 11-member, all-Republican committee, says the Bush administration was informed on the day Hurricane Katrina hit that the levees had been breached, even though the president and other top administration officials earlier said that they had learned of the breach the next day.

“A White House spokesman said that President Bush was now focused on the future, not the past. A Department of Homeland Security spokesman said that Michael D. Brown, the former director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, was partly to blame for failing to make timely reports to his superiors.”

The Bush Administration is always looking to the future when they fuck up, and they never acknowledge in detail when they do. sometimes they’ll accept responsibility, but they’ll quickly take the focus off their mistake and instead look ahead as to how they’ll do better next time. FUCK THAT! the whole reason that they were elected was b/c they scared the shit out of people! they were elected exactly for the reasons that they failed – to maintain safety! such damn hypocrites.

i can’t remember where i quoted from. damn.

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