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as much as i enjoy wasting time…

i hate wasting time. the LIRR seems to consistently be manned by brainless dolts who cannot grasp the concept of not only customer service and satisfaction, but also how to run a train. it’s really can’t be that hard – press a button to open the doors, press a button to close the doors, pull a lever to release the brakes, push a lever to increase speed. i’m pretty sure that just about sums up most of the functions on the train.

yet somehow tonight this was all extremely difficult. the entire train crew had a collective brain fart. they closed the doors 5 minutes before the train was set to depart, freaking everybody out b/c we all thought we were on the wrong train. there was no announcement explaining why the doors were closing early, or any reassurance that we were on the correct train. the doors closed, people yelled at the conductor to explain what was going on, he yelled back at them to get away from the doors. it turned out that the train had not pulled in to the station all the way – why they discovered this 5 minutes before departure and not earlier, i cannot say. so the doors closed, the train pulled in a little further, the doors opened, some more people got on, and the doors closed.

this was when we were informed that only the first 4 of 12 cars (i was on the next to last) would not platform at any of the stops on the way to jamaica, and that only the first 10 cars would platform at jamaica, which is where i transfer. so i’d have to walk up one car, not the worst thing. but when we got to jamaica, we just kept pushing forward and forward – we had to move 4 cars up to get onto the platform, and we must have arrived late b/c the far rockaway train was just about to leave. moving into adjacent cars to access the platform isn’t really a problem – i’m not whining about that. they should know this kind of stuff well in advance. its a fucking choo choo train, not a rocket.

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