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funny ad for a comfy bed

this new flash ad for the hampton inn ‘cloud nine’ bed had me laughing out loud from the first moment it graced my screen. the inspirational music, the one word descriptives, the clean white pics. so ridiculous. i don’t understand how so many ads can be so trite, and how these trite ads are paid for. better yet, how is it that people make a living making this drab shite and feel ok about themselves?

the new cloud nine bed from hampton inn

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  1. January 19, 2006 at 10:19 pm

    actually, it’s pretty smart.

    hampton inn’s cloud nine bed = westin’s heavenly bed for people on a budget

    yeah, it’s kind of cheesey, but it’s simple and easy to remember

    and it differentiates hampton inn. next time a budget-conscious traveler is choosing between a courtyard and a hampton inn, maybe he/she will remember the “kind of like a heavenly bed thing–and i won’t have that gross scratchy comforter.” who knows, it could even sell on a retail (i bought a heavenly bed from starwood)

  2. January 20, 2006 at 8:06 am

    it’s nice to know that it’s the same as the heavenly bed, but i have to reply that, no, it is not a pretty smart ad. it is trite. a smart ad is not one that simply remains stuck in your head, but rather one that leaves you thinking about the product. this ad follows a theme that would describe it as an emotionally uplifting and inspirational event – and while this is probably the actual intent, it does none of those things (at least not to my demographic). this ad could just as easily describe a wedding venue, an insurance policy, a credit card, a vacation. from an advertising perspective (my studies of ads making me an amateur’s amateur expert), this is assembly-line work.

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