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shure headphones
just picked up a pair of shure ‘sound isolating’ headphones at the apple store – essentially glorified earbuds. i’ve been reading a lot about them – all the reviews i’ve read recommend these as practically the best earbud style headphones around. they’re expensive – i got the cheapest model, but the most expensive model goes for about $500 (remember these are earbuds!). even though i probably shouldn’t rationalize such a purchase, i do listen to music a lot, practically all day while i work on the computer – unless i’m reading/studying. as i’m working a real job for the next 6 months, and not studying in school next semester, i figure i’ll be at the computer and building models a whole lot, so these headphones should be worth it.

so what’s so great about the headphones? they’re basically earplugs w/ headphones built in. there’s the noise canceling technology for you – it blocks all outside sound, allowing your ears to focus more clearly on the sound. the speakers are also supposed to be pretty high quality – and for top dollar, they should be. one of the really wonderful things about the earplug concept is that since it blocks out all outside sound, it allows you to keep the volume much lower, thereby saving your eardrums for a later date. w/ these new headphones, i have the volume set almost to 0 – way better than the typical 1/4 bar i normally keep it at for low-volume listening.

supposedly it takes about a week for your hearing to adjust to shure headphones, but i can say that after a few hours i’ve already noticed the superiority of these buds over the standard ipod buds – same w/ my over-the-ear headphones (granted they’re all cheap sets, never costing more than $20). i’m happy to finally have a good pair of headphones, and will eventually team this up w/ a high quality over-the-ear set of headphones for home listening. as i continue to listen to ever more music, and my taste continues to evolve, i’m starting to develop audiophilic tendencies. i’m certainly no snob yet, but i definitely can tell the difference a really good set of headphones makes.

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