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it’s often frustrating when discussing work with other people. i’ve grown to accept that people don’t really care (yet) about sustainability, the underlying principles and concepts, or the technology behind some of the innovations. but when people ask me about what it is that i do, and then glaze over and respond in a way that shows they obviously weren’t listening, it’s not only aggravating, but downright rude and hurtful. i know that i find much of it extremely fascinating and beautiful, and that’s all that should really matter – but i like to share the things that interest me, and i like to know that what i do matters. it sounds a bit like a desire for validation, and maybe i want that from some people – but at the same time its generally rude behavior to ask a question and not listen to the answer. i’ve explained this type of stuff to enough different types of people to know that i can get longwinded about it, but i do know that i’m not a boring speaker (even if i’m sometimes a boring writer).

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