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Mexico Magico!

going to mexico w/ the fam this week, very much looking forward to it. i don’t get the chance to spend significant time w/ them now that i live in austin, so the family trips are always wonderful. even better is that cindy is coming – it’s her first trip w/ my family. next week – time to kick back, drink some coronas, and be a tourist for 6 days…ahhhhh!!!

HOWEVER, i get a little wound up if all i do is perform tourist duty – it goes against my need to be slightly eccentric and slightly non-mainstream. god forbid i get labeled an ignorant american. so every year i break from the crowd and go exploring off the beaten path. it really is quite amazing to see the squalor that a lot of the town lives in – these are the people who are employed by the tourism industry. we see beautiful and clean hotels and restaurants, but the truth is that the people who serve us barely get by. pretty incredible considering what the cost of living must be down there, and the amount of money we pay for everything. it’s beautiful, though – such a different lifestyle, very communal, and not concerned with materiality. i guess that’s how it has to be when you’re lacking funds, but its also just not an important aspect of their lives – as far as my untrained and naive eye could tell.

the weather outlook in puerto vallarta next week: mid-80’s, partly cloudy all week.

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  1. December 22, 2005 at 8:35 am

    just don’t go to any strange dude’s house to pick up gift.

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