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new music

or not so new, it’s just that i’ve recently grabbed hold of it.
• muse: showbiz; i first heard muse about 3 yrs ago w/ the song ‘new born’ and was totally hooked. they sound a lot like the band ‘ours’, but overall have a much tighter sound. this album is apparently their debut, and it rocks w/ very clean and clear guitar melodies hooked up w/ good distortion. i’m not a musician, so i can’t be held liable for ‘incorrectly’ describing the sound – you know that’s what it sounds like even if the lingo is wrong.
• autolux: future perfect; i don’t remember what they sound like but i know i liked it, and as soon as i finish listeniing to all the new music in my library i’ll go back and listen again.
• tosca: suzuki and opera (2 different albums); great electronic for listening at work – very hypnotic and easy to get into a zone.
• bonobo: dial m for monkey and animal magic (2 different albums); same description as tosca, but a little more mellow.
• this list could go on, as there are about 500 new songs, but rest assured it’s all good.

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