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healthy dose of skepticism

i’ve been on a writing spree over the past week, and for some reason writing a lot has let me be more critical – but that’s a good thing. i tend to be a realist and a relativist, so its often mistaken for pessimism. but i think i’m an optimist as well, it just tends to get lost in translation to some people. well, when it comes to computers and the internet, i’m a total junkie and i look at it as the solution to every problem ever. it’s the next step of human evolution. it’ll solve climate change. it’ll create new social paradigms and building forms. woohoo!

but the past few days of writing have allowed me to ‘get over’ the web. not that it’s not all that, b/c i think anyone would agree its amazing. but lately i’ve become even more of an internet addict than normal, and its allowed me to finally pull the fleece from my eyes, or at least bring that dose of realism to my online persona. finally being able to admit to myself that the wordpress.com blogging platform was the jumping point – not everything new and flashy is good. everyone knows that, but tech makes me blind. that allowed me to extend the opinion to flock, which i had harbored in the back of my mind for a while – but everyone says its the bomb, so maybe i’m missing something. nooo, i’m not – it’s just a freakin browser w/ some crappy blogging tools built in. just a blogging tool. right now i’m typing in macjournal which uploads to wordpress way better than flock does. it’s independent of the wordpress.com platform. therefore it is equal to flock as being standalone, yet it is not part of the browser. so friggin what? what does browser integration have to do w/ it? really, drop the hype and let the crappy program die an easy death. i won’t deny that flocksucks and wank (who seems to have the same header as me) have helped me get here.

i don’t think i’ll be able to get over my mac obsession as easily, but maybe i can gauge better what product release is really cool as opposed to just an update. i am betting that my predictions for certain product updates are in the works, tho.

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