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it drives me nuts when people don’t use proper grammar in emails and posts. i’m sometimes at fault, but there seems to be a general trend towards writing things out and not re-reading it. a simple once over would catch half these problems. the one that drives me especially crazy is om malik, who’s blog, gigaom.com is a daily read for me. i like what he usually has to say, and he’s on top of all the new websites and general what-not in the internet world. but his writing is horrendous! there’s really no excuse for him to write this way – for one, he makes some degree of revenue off of that blog, and two – he’s a professional writer!

anybody who writes should not fall prey to the simplistic reasoning that blogging is more conversational and as such needn’t be held to the same standards as fine literature. it’s not fine literature to properly structure your writing – it’s more a convenience to your readers who will be able to more properly understand what you have to say.

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