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wordpress is driving me nuts

i like the tagging and search options in wordpress.com, but they need to stop allowing new registrations and get the house in order. nothing works properly. the dashboard, and the blog itself, never completely load in the browser (the firefox spinning circle is always on non-stop), so that most of the page never loads properly. i can’t get the rich visual editor to show up – in fact turning it on takes off the limited visual html controls they put up. when i try to change the theme options for kubrick – the only theme options that are available – it keeps altering my color selections w/o saving what i’ve specified. in fact, i can’t even see all of the theme options (which are limited to 2 colors for the header color block, and a font color) b/c the page never finishes loading. there supposedly an integrated flock feature as well, but it doesn’t show up on my settings. why can’t i sort my blogroll links in a logical manner? i had to go and give each of my 4 links a rating and then go into the ‘link categories’ section, edit my blogroll link, and then tell it to sort by rating; very unintuitive. what about a little more customizability? all my links are blue and that’s it?

and most especially, i can’t mess w/ any code. i want to see where my users come from, and the ‘referers’ link that wordpress.com provides sucks – most of the time i can only see a ‘/’ showing that somebody came to my site. i want to track w/ google analytics (if i could register another site w/ them) or even any other tracker – but i don’t have that option.

there’s no user forum, and there’s no help or documentation section, so i can’t get any answers to any questions i ever have (nobody ever responds to feedback – except once when i requested a password protected category, as opposed to password protected individual posts). in fact, the link to ‘documentation’ at the bottom of every wordpress.com dashboard screen sends me to the documentation wiki for wordpress, not wordpress.com. in fact, there’s no help for wordpress.com in this wordpress wiki. why are we sent there at all?

this is no way to keep users happy, but as far as i can tell nobody else seems to be voicing any aggravation w/ wordpress.com. and flock is not all that.

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