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updates to Airport Express and iSight?

this has no basis on any rumor read anywhere or any analysis of any hardware orders. no basis on anything other than what would make complete sense to me looking at the development of Apple products.

1. Smaller form factor iSight camera: w/ the iSight camera now being built into the iMacs, and rumored to be included in the new intel-mac laptops, it only seems natural that they’d soon release a new smaller standalone version. i want an iSight camera now that i’m moving to NY for 6-7 months – it would be nice to chat w/ my fiance and actually see her face instead of just voice. anyway, the iSight may be light, but it’s fairly large for a laptop. to have to pack that up and store it when traveling is kind of a pain. it’s just fine for a permanent desktop, but laptops – no way. if they’re already built in to the iMac, they’ve obviously figured out how at least rearrange the components so that it’s flat instead of long. and if it really is going to be integrated into the powerbooks and ibooks, then it’ll be really small. so it only makes sense that the latest and greatest from Apple would be a small standalone – you know that would totally sell to the laptop crowd.

2. Airport Express w/ streaming video: now that Front Row is out (and it is freakin awesome) and Apple looks set to tackle the living room multimedia environment, and iTunes is starting to sell videos (only a matter of time before movies are in the mix), it only makes sense that the Airport Express will be released w/ a component to stream video. it already streams audio, which is an amazing thing – i own one, and the wireless audio and wireless printing features were exactly what i wanted. i set up my laptop on my desk at home every night, and take it w/ me to school everyday. so every night i’d plug in the speaker jack and the printing cable and the ethernet cable. that was really annoying. being able to make my home totally wireless was so incredibly convenient – i couldn’t believe nobody had done it earlier. anyway, now that Apple is obviously in the video market, it would only make sense to have the Airport Express stream video. check out this scenario:

iTunes video is geared for the broadband market. that means either DSL or cable. just about every home and apartment has cable and telephone outlets in the living room. putting the broadband cable modem in that room would allow a user to make that their wireless access point. hook up the Airport Express to the tv, to the stereo (ok, locating the printer in the living room may be inconvenient, but otherwise…) and now you have a totally wireless multimedia setup. and w/ Apple’s known penchant for ease of use, setup would be (already is) a snap. no need to hook the tv to the computer. in fact, the computer could be in a different room if the Front Row remote is upgraded from IF to RF…

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