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going to Grimshaw!

i’m going to work for Grimshaw Architects! well, intern really. actually it’s a residency as the term internship is reserved for the 3 yrs of work following graduation. either way, i interviewed with the Grimshaw office in NY for a 6-7 month long term of work starting in january. i have been inspired and amazed for the last few years of school at the elegance and complexity of Grimshaw buildings. they manage to consider environmental concerns through common sense design complimented by high-tech materials and technical details. the structures tend to be light – much steel and glass; but these belie their energy efficient nature. many of these buildings are really quite gorgeous.
[update: i’m going to work at the NY office]
The Waterloo International Train Station in London

The Eden Project in Cornwall, England

Eden panorama
The Eden Project in Cornwall, England

Southern Cross
Southern Cross Train Station in Melbourne, Australia (i designed a nearly identical roof under the same principles used to design this one!)

Fulton St.
Fulton Street Transit Center, NY. this dome acts as a beacon attracting and alerting subway riders of the Fulton St. Station. this project will interlink 6 underground subway stations, and expand capacity from 9 to 12 subway lines. this station handles over 275,000 riders daily. this is freakin huge.

  1. December 9, 2005 at 6:51 am

    so you are going to do your residency in ny, i assume?

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