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artificial intelligence and the Autonomous Agent metaphor

A common theme in artificial intelligence literature is the “creation of Autonomous Intelligent Agents… [or] Good Old Fashioned AI (GOFAI)…An agent, put as succinctly as possible, is:

Some kind of persistent entity with a given set of goals and an evolving set of actions that may change by learning. An agent senses its environment and then decides to act according to its goals by selecting the action that at any igven moment best serves it to attain its goals. This action may include the creation of new knowledge in the form of internal representations, procedures or simply action on the environment by means of effectors…

The most interesting aspect of the Autonomous Agent metaphor, however is the fact that they are assumed from the very beginning not to act as isolated entities; in fact one of the central abilities of agents in the modern sense is that they have to communicate, coordinate and cooperate with other agents, including human agents in order to fulfil (sic) their goals. This involves activities such as negotiating which agent takes care of which tasks to solve a complex problem.”

Ramon Sanguesa, “The Media House”, in

    Media House Project

, MIT Media Lab.

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