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a wonderful summation:

“…the primary task for social scientists [and architects] engaged in energy research should not be to persuade individuals to change their habits in order to accept renewable energies and sustainable architecture (as has often been the case) but rather should be to help making such artefacts (sic) resonant with the habits andd interests of both men and women.”
Equal couples in equal houses, by Annette Henning in Sustainable Architectures, edited by Simon Guy and Steven Moore.

in relation to solar power, for instance, there should be no talk of batteries unless the building is located in the middle of nowhere and there is no local energy utility. all solar power should be fed back into the energy grid so that the user does not need to think about the new technology. it provides power, and that is all the end-user need know. there should be no necessary interaction – it should be wholly integrated with the user’s typical lifestyle. that is, if we want this to become mainstream.

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