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ok, holy crap. macjournal, on which i wrote the last entry, and will likely write every additional entry until something better comes along, is an amazing piece of software. the title explains it pretty well – it’s a journal. the beauty is that is publishes my entries to my blog. it has far greater functionality and editing capabilities than the browser based entry for wordpress. i’d venture to say that it also has better capabilities than blogger, which i think has the most advanced web entry for any blogging platform.

of course, there is flock, which i have to say is vastly over-hyped. the concept is great – integrated blogging capabilities and the ability to sync my del.icio.us bookmarks, but it does neither very well. granted, it’s still in a very early phase of development, but i gave up on using it long ago. considering how tight the flock development team appears to be with the wordpress development team, i’d have expected the ability to easily tag my wordpress entries from w/in flock. that is not the case. i can add some tags, but i can’t see the ones that i’ve already entered. same w/ del.icio.us.

macjournal, on the other hand, allowed me to quickly hook up to my wordpress blog and also shows me all of my tags that were already listed in wordpress. the only thing i’d like to see improved upon is the ability to sort my tags hierarchically, as they are w/in wordpress. i.e. my last post was tagged ‘society-nature-technology’, ‘school’, and ‘spring2005’. w/in wordpress, ‘society-nature-technology’ is sub-category of ‘spring2005’ which is a subcategory of ‘school’. i’d like to see macjournal sort my tags that way as well.

one more thing that i might suggest is the ability to download and sync posts that may have been written through the web browser. say i wrote in macjournal on 12/1, through the web browser on 12/2, and then again in macjournal on 12/3. i would hate to be looking through macjournal and only see entries from 12/1 and 12/3. i’d like macjournal to fetch the entry from 12/2. that would rock.

all in all, though, i think this is shaping up to the start of a wonderful relationship.

oh yeah, in a nod to flock, let’s see some flickr integration!

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