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portfolio and engagement party

just returned yesterday from NY, where my parents threw cindy and i an amazing engagement party. the purpose of the party was for all of our friends and family in NY who wouldn’t have been able to make it down to austin for the wedding. as it turns out, now we’re having the wedding in NY, and at the same venue w/ the same caterer as the engagment party. so all those people get to come to 2 parties! but the party got to serve a double purpose – to give cindy’s parents a clear idea of what the wedding in NY will be like (wanted them to be comfortable w/ how things would be since they’ll have very little direct input), and they were duly impressed. so was i, and i think just about everyone there was as well. it was like a wedding, except we weren’t wearing black tie. the food was amazing, the drinks at the open bar were amazing, the flowers were amazing, the place was amazing. how can they make it any better for the wedding? the only teaser i was given was ‘a martini bar taking up an entire wall, w/ special holiday themed martinis’ (among many others). there were 5 at the engagement party, there must be at least 10 then at the wedding. holy crap.

i also asked my friend brian to be my best man, and sahil,august,adam,michael, and gary to be my groomsmen. i may have one or two more for groomsmen, too. selecting best man was a really tough call, b/c i had more than one i wanted to ask. i ended up asking brian, though, as we share a long history – he’s been one of my best friends since we were 5, and you can’t neglect that. now that the cat’s out of the bag, they can get started w/ bachelor party preparations! hehehe…

i’m now working on my portfolio in overtime. i need to send it out w/in the next few days to one specific firm in NY that i’m hoping to work at for residency. once the analog version is done i’ll get on the web version.

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