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annoying response to simple question

just remembered an interaction i had w/ some nutsack in the austin airport on friday as we were waiting to board the plane to NY. they were already boarding the plane when cindy and i arrived, so i asked this guy who appeared to be online if he actually was on line. kind of like this:
“are you on line?”
here is his now get this respone to a simple yes or no question:
“well, i’m in group5 and they appear to be boarding group3 right now.”
wow! not only did he technically not answer my question, but he also gave me a little glimpse into his state of affairs! thanks dude! his comment sounds totally snarky when i write it, but it wasn’t wise-ass at all. it was just a stupid response to a simple question. well, since he wasn’t boarding, cindy and i passed him and got in line. at which point she turned to me and said,
“what the hell was that guy talking about?”
at which point i turned to her, and said:
“ahh, that’s why i’m marrying you! we both internalized a little ‘wtf’ about that dude’s answer.”
that made me happy. so then i turned and punched the snarky dude in the mouth.

p.s. i’ve just been informed that i should have written ‘in line’ instead of ‘on line’. we do it both ways up in NY, just like your mom on a good day.

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