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apple’s latest and greatest

i stopped at the apple store at the mall this afternoon. it just gets better and better (tho Ben Affleck movies get worse and worse – Daredevil is on FX right now). i got to play w/ a legit copy of Front Row complete w/ remote control. hot damn that thing is impressive! Apple has $19 adapter that outputs the video to a screen, but i’d rather they just come out w/ a much bigger iMac. right now 20″ is the max, and at $1699 is a good deal considering everything that comes w/ it. i would totally shell out another $200 to hop up the screen size to say 23″. there’s the rub, eh? how to get Front Row really into the living room instead of just on the computer? much has already been written

here’s a photo i took using the built in isight camera in the new imac. the photobooth program makes taking snapshots a breeze, and they have some fun special effects. i dub this pic, ‘comic kenny’. very creative.
comic kenny
one more thing about apple. this isn’t news to anybody, but the ipod mini is caput. also, new ipods don’t come w/ that extra adapter thingy next to the headphone jack, so an entire new generation of ipod accessories will have to be developed. that’s right, none of our existing accessories will work w/ the ipod video or nano. expect that to happen w/ the rest of the ipod line as well (unless they get the ax and all we get are ipod videos and nanos). ALSO, the shuffle seems to be done for as well. i haven’t read about that anywhere yet, but i very well may have missed the memo. the reason i can validate all of these things i write is that the apple store had a giant bin w/ ipod accessories for major discounted prices. this is not something that apple ever does – sale bins a la walmart? i don’t think so. the only reason is that these items are not going to be restocked and are taking up room in the apple store. among the items i saw was an entire bin of itrip fm adapters, ipod shuffle cases, shitty headphones, ipod mini cases.

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