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UT SolarD in 6th place

so we placed 6th place overall out of 18 competitors in the Solar Decathlon.  not bad, though not what we hoped for.  the entire week of the competition was marred by rain and overcast skies.  obviously if there was sun all of the teams would have had working systems, but i honestly feel that we would have placed top 5 for sure.  we had a huge array w/ lots of power which would have allowed us to easily drive our electric car a lot, and do well with all of the appliances.  the only real issue that we ever had was that our hot water system was broken at the start of the contest, resulting in loss of points.  aside from that, everything was related to lack of sun.  ce la vie.

so now the house is returning to austin on monday (why not sunday, when we don’t have school, is beyond me).  we must take another day off school to reassemble the house – but only partially b/c for some reason blacklands has delayed pouring the concrete foundations multiple times!  the foundations will supposedly be poured on monday, but they need time to cure, so we will unload the house and rest it on the ground instead of on its structural rails.  we will then need to rent a crane a second time to get the house properly assembled.  what should be a 2 day affair is becoming a 2 wk affair.  you’d think they’d get their shit together considering they’re getting a $250,000 house for free.

there are so many things i thought of and saw in DC that i wanted to blog about, and for the life of me can’t remember any of them.  maybe that will be one of the nice things that flock can help me out w/ – using the draft feature and the shelf to store ideas and partially completed blog entries.

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