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missing post

i had a whole post on UT whooping OU and the insanity that ensued in the streets of austin.  i can’t remember if my browser crashed or if it is now just missing.  weird.

anyway, Solar Decathlon is now in day 3, although it appears that data logging only started today.  we took 4th place in the architecture competition and 3rd place in dwelling.  virginia tech is cleaning house, and they do have quite an impressive looking house from what i can tell.  a lot of other schools that i expected to be at the top of the competition are surprisingly closer to the bottom, such as Michigan, Maryland, and Madrid.  it’s heartening, though, to see us on par or better than some top-notch design schools, such as RISD.  most of these houses are really good looking.

and now i must continue work on a sukkah for Chabad.  i don’t think i’ll be able to punch out this design in time. i knew i had limited time, and may just advise them to work w/ the existing sukkah this year and wait for a new design for next year. 

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