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UT and pneumatic HVAC controls

September 28, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

do you know what a pneumatic HVAC control is? it’s a thermostat controlled by air pressure. it makes high-pitched squealing noises when you change the setting. it is inefficient and archaic. and yet the University of Texas at Austin not only uses it in EVERY SINGLE one of their BUILDINGS, but is also the single largest consumer and purchaser of pneumatic controls in the WORLD. why stick w/ such an outmoded technology? why not move on to a proven better technology? why not save money in heating and cooling by accurately controlling indoor temperature? why not keep students, faculty, and staff comfortable? the answer is simple: UT maintenance staff doesn’t know how to fix electronic thermostats, and refuses to learn how to do so. what kind of an ethic is that to be maintained at a university?

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