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rockin out, SNAPping all the while

September 24, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

headache is bad, but have to keep moving.  we’ve pulled out the final structural fin that holds the roof up – the roof is now braced up w/ 4×4’s.  all the clerestory windows are out.  the roof is flat and hinged on the bedroom SNAP, we’re about to pull the bathroom and kitchen SNAPs apart, and then lower their roofs.  supposedly a crane is coming in an hour – that will speed up deconstruction of the house immensely.  the idea of jacking the houses up so that the trucks can roll under them is good, but doesn’t work quite so well in reality.  perhaps if we had pneumatic computer controlled jacks…

‘eye of the tiger’ is keeping spirits high.

also, i’ve had many friends email and call to make sure that we’re ok here in austin.  that’s been really nice to see people show concern, but the truth is that hurrican rita is actually a slippery little ho.  she’s all talk – no punch behind her words.  she was in fact too cowardly to make her way up here to the capitol, which is actually just fine b/c now we don’t need to contend w/ rain and winds when loading the house!   

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