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holistic goal:

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holistic goal:
my daily life consists of constantly analyzing and judging everything i see and do. probably 90% of the time i am at least partially aware of the impact my actions have on the environment and those around me. i am very aware of my personal space and my intrusion on others’ personal space. i drive my car roughly once a week to get groceries or some other such errand. i take the bus, ride my bike, or walk whenever possible – although i should walk more often. i don’t exercise due to time constraints, but must overcome my time management issues to include it as a defacto part of a balanced lifestyle. i must keep goals in mind constantly to manage my time more precisely. often, the goal gets obscured and i then get bogged down in day to day issues, and before i know it the end of a project looms and i am unprepared. i have problems staying focused on work. i am stubborn about giving up a project for fear of quitting; but i also tend to lose focus as the project exits conceptual stages and the nitty gritty becomes overwhelming.
i tend to to take on more than i can handle. i am overly ambitious in that respect, and ultimately get less done because of it. i like many things, to the point where i have my finger in many pies, but am not expert in anything.
i want to lead a more sustainable life, and want to convince others of its merit. i don’t think that a ‘cuban revolution’ can or will happen here, no matter the doomsday scenarios. although i don’t think its necessarily the best way to move towards sustainability, i think the only way to get our society on that track is to accomodate modern lifestyles using less harmful (or more beneficial) alternatives – alternative power and cradle to cradle manufacturing solutions.
many view sustainability as a way to reinstitute a nostalgic lifestyle; reinstituting town centers and community life, while certainly beneficial for civic and social life, don’t necessarily bring with them sustainable lifestyles.

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