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Landscape Ecology: "disturbances may even be requi…

Landscape Ecology:
“disturbances may even be required for the maintenance of community structure and ecosystem function” (Turner, p.157)
“disturbance has been increasingly recognized by ecologists as a natural process and source of heterogeneity within ecological communities” (Turner, p. 157)
“nonequilibrial view of the natural world” (Turner, p. 157)

landscapes can provide a line of progress for disturbance events. elevation and sun exposure (both of which contribute to species differentiation and concentration), proximity to human density, moisture, and natural landscape characteristics (such as ridges, streams/rivers, cliffs) can affect the disturbance just as the disturbance can affect the biota living in the landscape. hurricane winds tend to be strong horizontally oriented winds, and so are greatly effected by the presence of hills. winds from the southeast will therefore have a huge impact on southeast and northwest facing slopes. southwest and northeast facing slopes, however, will be less effected. mid-western landscapes, though, suffer from different types of wind storms – gusts of wind that drop suddenly from up above, regardless of direction. landscape will have no affect on these types of winds, and patches will be affected regardless of their locations within the landscape.

“spatial homogeneity often enhances the spread of a disturbance” (turner, p.165); single crop agriculture is more susceptible to decimation by pests, live oak in austin is being killed off by oak wilt – the UT campus master plan encourages plantings of a variety of trees to avoid a mass tree death on campus.

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