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hopefully this new address will give me some quiet…

hopefully this new address will give me some quiet now. i won’t advertise this blog anymore, and will keep it just for my own – record thoughts and work stuff out.

it appears that i’m being selfish about getting engaged. i want, for just one day, my family to stop and celebrate this event. i feel enraged that i should be scheduling any of this around when they have the time. my sister has some gala ball, and so can’t make it back friday night. it happens every year – why can’t she miss it once? this is only going to happen for me once. now everything is getting stressful – an engagement shouldn’t be like this.

this is happening b/c i’m doing it around everyone else. well – then maybe i should just do it wherever and whenever i want, and everything else will fall into place. i’m stressing about proposing in NY or paris so that it will be romantic and near family – near enough that we can celebrate the day of or within days of the engagement. maybe i’ll do it before paris, not in NY, and not in austin, which would be the logical location. maybe i’ll do it the weekend after the bar – in the event the ring is ready – and we’ll take a weekend getaway to someplace random. quiet, and romantic, and just us. it would be great if we could do atlanta, but there’s no way i can afford a quick jump there, plus hotel and restaurant expenses. maybe there is, i’ll check on that – just add it to my debt.

maybe family is about putting them all ahead of you – of course it is, to a degree. but shouldn’t something as momentous as this be about me?

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