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got home to NY 12/20, and it was good to take a br…

got home to NY 12/20, and it was good to take a break and see my family. i hadn’t seen my sister since the summer, and i hadn’t seen my parents since early sept. good food, and regeneration time!

a few days after i returned home, lauren and i went into the city to visit w/ one of my friends from school who was also in town. we met at her hotel – she managed to snag a suite at the W hotel in times square for $214/night! very nice. we then walked up to the MoMA, which just reopened. i went there to look at the architecture primarily, but was so amazed at the collection that i barely looked at the building! there were a few incredible moments that i can recall, especially this huge window cut out of an interior wall that gave this framed view of a beautiful staircase (if you click on the column of pics in the right frame, you’ll find it), as well as a view down into the atrium from the 5th level.

after a few hours in the museum, lauren and i went to visit my grandmother on the upper west side. it was nice seeing her, which we don’t get to do nearly often enough. after about an 1.5 hours, we then went back to the W, where my sister and others changed while i got some drinks in the lobby bar w/ my old friend ramin, now counsel to the screen actor’s guild. when lauren came down, the three of us walked down to some hole in the wall bar near penn station to meet up w/ brian, tom, and chris. brian i’ve known forever, and tom and chris are old work buddies from ibeam. more drinks…

lauren and i then proceeded to dinner at the brasserie restaurant where we met up w/ lauren derrington again and a bunch of her friends. the brasserie was designed by philip johnson, and is in the seagram building which was designed by mies van de rohe in 1958. diller + scofidio just did the redesign of the brasserie, and was friggin cool. a series of cameras take still shots of you as you enter the restaurant, then display them on a series of lcds that hand above the bar. the entire wall behind the bar has bottles of wine and alcohol on display (sitting on horizontal pedastals), all behind a sheet of frosted glass, and lit up from behind. so you see these fuzzy silhouettes of bottles. the bathroom also had walls of panelite (awesome!) and an orange acrylic sink. it was overall cool. the dinner was delicious and expensive, and then one of lauren derrington’s friends picked up the entire bill. what?! we couldn’t get her to reneg, so we bought her loads of champagne and drinks afterwards when we went to this bar called opal’s.

lauren and i caught a 3something am train back to LI, where we managed to stumble home before crashing…

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