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following my run-in w/ the oafs…

so on my way back from my run-in w/ the oafish football players, i biked through a public ‘discussion’ on the steps of the Main Bldg at the edge of the West Mall. not a discussion in reality, but i don’t really know what to call it. maybe proselytizing?

it wasn’t one of the regular preachers that come screaming for everyone to convert or burn in hell. it was a more refined, developed method. this guy, who apparently comes to campus every year, arranged his pulpit/discussion at the edge of a set of stairs, so that people could sit and listen while he talked. this gave it a more relaxed, comfortable appearance – you know, to let the passersby know that this is some good honest discussion, where anyone can feel comfortable about voicing their opinions. it was somewhat inviting.

and there was no yelling – you can’t have a comfortable atmosphere if billy preacher is yelling at you that you’re going to burn in a lake of fire. no, if you speak to the audience in a calm, confident, forceful manner (one that comes from the inherent knowledge in the utter truth of one’s views), then they will accept that they are going to burn in a lake of fire as a matter of fact, not a matter of faith insinuated by angry, fear inducing men.

it works – kind of. b/c he wasn’t just bible thumping, and speaking in a scholarly, logical fashion, he caught my attention. just what is this crowd listening to? he has tv cameras trained on him (i forgot to mention that – cameras also lend a huge amount of credibility to whatever you have to say), he’s calm, and he appears to be laying out an argument. let me stop and listen for a moment!

“and so, if you say that you don’t believe in jesus, and that jesus died on the cross for your sins, then what you’re saying is that your view, your atheist primordial goop view, is superior.”

i wish i had been the student who’s question elicited that response. b/c i would have replied, “no, i don’t believe in primordial goop. i actually believe that humanity was placed on this earth by a race of super-intelligent insects, and that our purpose here is to protect a sacred crystal that binds all the matter in the universe in one coherent fabric. that crystal is named Mchdfolesdfk, and it smells like candy. whoop whoop!”

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