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on meeting an oaf…

so i had about 3 really great items to write, but as i didn’t have my computer at the time, i forgot them all.

however, today i was graced w/ an impromptu meeting w/ one of UT’s brilliant football players. actually, calling it a meeting is a bit of an overstatment, and calling him brilliant is just an outright lie. what really happened was that i was riding my bike in the street, on my way to the architecture building having just purchased tickets to the Amer.Ballet Theater for tonight’s performance. off the sidewalk steps lumbering oaf and his posse of somewhat smaller lumbering oafs – but mind you they were all quite large. and ugly.

‘hey move’ was what he said to me while i had the right of way, or that’s what i think he said upon later reflection, b/c what came out of his mouth was quite garbled, and likely just a collection of consonants accompanied by drool.

i chuckled at first, b/c my attention was captured by his pimped out remote control mini Lincoln Navigator that was rolling across the street ahead of him. then i realized what he said, and was disgusted that people like this are admitted to this school and actually put forth the public image of UT.

let’s not forget UT’s star running back cedric benson and his multiple arrests [arrest 1, arrest 2]. upon returning to football from his brief suspension after the trespassing charge (he was arrested for kicking in the door of a girl’s apartment and stealing stuff, i believe), he said about his teammates, “They welcomed me back good.”

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