back to normal

ok, looks like things are back to normal here, posts are going up.

first, have to say that if you haven’t ever heard bob schneider, get a cd or download the album (itunes), he’s absolutely incredible. based out of austin, apparently dated sandra bullock for a bit, and graces the billboard ads on the bus encouraging people to take public transportation. good stuff. a good looking man, too, if i may say so.

second, saw the incredibles last night. of course, it was incredible. i expect nothing less of pixar, the masters of storytelling. brilliant – i’ll be seeing it again next week. dreamworks really doesn’t hold a candle to pixar, and anybody who thinks that shrek is better than any of the pixar films (save for ‘a bug’s life’, which was definitely a bit weak), is a complete nimrod flabbergasted with animated details. if pixar wanted to make a realistic looking person, they would. they’re concerned with the story, which is where they excel 110%. make no mistake – they add detail. you can see it in things like hair, water, foliage, everything but the characters, which remain caricatured on purpose. it helps suspend a degree of belief, making the story completely disconnected from any sense of reality, helping the viewer to get sucked into the all-important story.

third, traffic on ut solard is continuing to increase. we’ve been posted on,, the utsoa homepage, and linked on people have also started coming to us when searching for explanations on how solar power works, plants and VOCs, solar hot water, and other info. that’s really cool. our first newsletter (pdf) went out, and people have started subscribing for newsletters/email updates. our recommended reading page is about to go up. money is starting to flow b/c of our fundraising efforts. and material donations are also coming – our SIPs are just about donated. awesome.

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