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a brief run-down

since it appears that i have barely a moment to create any new entries, this entry will appear in bullet fashion, accounting for notable occurrences and humorous items.

– funny anti-bush stickers that i haven’t seen frequently:

— bush + dick = fucked

— somewhere in texas, a village has lost its idiot

– i voted last week in texas’ early voting. i tried to hold out as long as i could, b/c i’m convinced that all electronic votes are going to be hijacked and/or lost. not that it matters, b/c travis county is pretty much the only democratic stronghold in this overwhelmingly republican pro-bush state. but i figured that lines would be outrageous on election day, and texas is going to bush anyway. a bit of irony, though – the crawford daily newspaper has apparently endorsed kerry…

– while noting who isn’t endorsing bush, it’s pretty significant that the economist has endorsed kerry.

– it’s also notable that the bush campaign is consistently making up all sorts of stupid shit.

— the bush campaign website has blocked all non-US internet traffic. they haven’t released any info regarding their reasons, and nobody i know can come up w/ anything to explain it. are they that afraid of dealing w/ the rest of the world? i really can’t fathom this one – they’re specifically using the internet in a way antithetical to the internet’s purpose.

–yup, these photos really prove that the missing explosives were moved before US troops got there. there very well could be other explosives moved by US troops, though. my favorite part of this fiasco is that the Bush admin claims the explosive may have been moved before US troops arrived by relying on satellite imagery showing trucks outside the bunkers where these weapons were stored. ahem…isn’t this the same faulty method used by the Bush admin to state they knew exactly where Saddam kept his supposed weapons of mass destruction??

–it seems to me that everyone hears about bush’s significant faux pas, but i’m wrong. there are many people who appear unaware that bush thinks ob/gyn’s should practice their love w/ women, or that he adamently supports the creation of a drafted army, or that he’s not concerned about bin-laden, or that he supports relations between sovereign entities. but it’s ok, b/c it’s hard work.

–here’s a moving rallying cry to unseat bush.

-off the bush subject, i got a new phone yesterday. my nokia 6200 kept shutting itself off, and it wasn’t a battery issue. i managed to get at&t to give me a $99 credit towards a new phone. as my contract was about to expire, i extended that for 2 yrs as well (i have a charter plan that gives me unlimited minutes, so i’m not going to let that slip away). by extending my contract, i got a super cheap deal on a new phone – the LG 1150 camera flip phone for $110. add my $99 credit and an additional $50 rebate, and i made $40 off the deal. sweet.

— it’s too bad i feared for my life on the bus last night after i got the new phone, b/c some of those freaks would have made great subjects using the new cameraphone. really, i’ve never seen more crazies on the bus than i did last night, and it had nothing to with halloween.

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