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i bet that if the media were to actually make note…

i bet that if the media were to actually make note of bush’s horrendous performance in the first presidential debate, this election would be kerry’s – hands down. i know so many people who don’t read up on the candidates’ positions, and get all their information and opinions from tv news and brief glimpses at newspapers or news websites – and i mean brief. the bush camp can easily spin the debate off by saying it’s a draw and redirecting criticism towards kerry’s comments, which is what they’re doing. granted, anybody who actually watched the debate and has the capacity to breathe clearly saw that kerry was the winner. apparently, though, there are many people who watched the debate w/o the capacity to breathe.

if cnn or nbc or anybody would mention – not even in a partisan sense, just reporting the fact – that bush faltered for a solid 5 seconds on more than one occassion, or that he made a joke of a concept b/c he either couldn’t understand it or couldn’t answer it – i’d bet that a lot of on-the-fence bush supporters would switch to kerry. they just need to hear it from a ‘reputable’ news source.

also, urbancoral.com is now live. at the moment it just redirects you to this website, but it will eventually become its own monster.

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