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FB – aaiigghtt! so school has started again, and …

FB – aaiigghtt! so school has started again, and perhaps i can get back into the swing of updating. my schedule is pretty intense this semester, but then again, it’s been intense every semester. the difference this time is that i fucked up my grades real bad last semester, and i can’t afford to do that again. and also, the solarD house is in crazy design phase. about 12 people actually signed up for the solarD class, which was pretty impressive. unfortunately, the class didn’t seem to get the direction it needed – and i won’t get into that b/c i’ll be freakin pissed to high hell if i start talking about that again. suffice it to say it’s going to be insane actually getting out construction documents this fall.

i bought a package of M&M’s tonite. they were black and white – i thought it was one of those promotions where if you find the color you win a bazillion dollars. i may have eaten the colored one, i have no idea. note: don’t eat candy in the dark when the candy may provide you several lifetimes of money. but alas, i think it was an old pack of candy w/o any sort of contest. stupid m&ms.

last wk i actually took a wk off from school/working! cindy and i went to ATL to visit friends, and it was, as expected, a freakin rockin time. we went to bars, visited Emory, drank at sweetwater, saw Alienvs.Predator (the funniest worst movie ever), and rented a pontoon and cabin on lake lanier. i can’t begin to outline all the hysterical things, but perhaps alien vs. predator will be enough.

why we thought this would be a good movie, i can’t begin to figure. but where it lacked in horror, it did farely well in making a mockery of the alien and predator lines. like how an archaeologist managed to read a huge room filled on every surface w/ heiroglyphs of egyptian, cambodian, and aztec origin in a matter of seconds, and decipher the history of the alien v. predator story, and how humans are entwined. the ultimate was his lau tsu like quote to sum up the human party’s position on how to deal w/ this war they seemed to be in the middle of: “The enemy of my enemy…is my friend.” how profound! that is now actually our website (www.theenemyofmyenemyismyfriend.com). within 10 minutes of the start of the movie, the 10 of us were laughing hysterically to the dismay of the 20 other people in the theater. understandably, they joined in pretty soon, making fun of the ridiculous crap. however, the theater workers were not as sympathetic. when we left, they were hanging out by the exit door, and they said amongst themselves, “those people did not respect that movie.” that’s right, RESPECT. for reals.

maybe this can get funnier when i don’t watch dharma and greg at the same time.

oh yeah, we took a shitload of awesome pics in ATL and New Orleans (we stopped there for 2 days on the way back to austin).

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