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Bush Administration and faulty info

so i think i see a reason for all the false reports coming out of the bush camp. this reason may be simplistic, it may have already been identified, but i think that they are releasing false info on purpose. not to release good news and hope they won’t get caught – they know they’ll get caught; but they know that the number of people who are apprised of the error will be fewer than the ones who hear it at first, and they hope that those first few people will be swayed to the bush camp. then when the error comes to light the next day, which it inevitably does, the bush camp can feign ignorance, blaming the mistake on the CIA or some other branch of the government. the bush camp is never at fault – ever. bush’s state of the union faux pax; the reduction in worldwide terrorism faux pax; the rising hourly wage faux pax… it’s never the bush camp’s fault, they’re always given faulty information. well do the fucking research! and they know it – they have the research before they release the faulty info, it’s an elaborate hoax to make them look the victim in this giant mess they continuously dig themselves into.

and on the other hand, if they’re not aware of all these screw-ups before they’re committed? well that’s far scarier…

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  1. opit
    May 3, 2007 at 10:28 am

    I keep some info posted on my Blogroll for those who notice this garbage. It came up between dailyKos and Needlenose but I’ve listed under ‘Intel’ and “Why the right gets it,and the left doesn’t” and “Moving the Overton Window”, a propaganda technique for shifting attitudes.

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