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new browser and beta calendar

fun and fast calendar program and internet browser if you’re sick of the bloated and slow Internet Explorer and Outlook.

Mozilla Firefox browser – this browser loads in about 2 seconds vs. IE 5-6 seconds. your results will be different, but the loading time should be significantly faster. this is only important for no reason at all except if you hate how long it takes IE to load.

it also has the Google search bar built in, as well as pop-up blocking., and tabs. it’s essentially Apple’s Safari browser for PCs.

Mozilla Sunbird calendar – only use this if you’re willing to put up w/ a bunch of bugs, b/c it’s still pretty buggy (you can use it even tho it’s not in final release). on the up side, it functions a lot (though not nearly as well nor as beautifully) as Apple’s iCal. it allows you to create multiple calendars, color code and selectively view them. you can also download iCal calendars (i.e. your favorite band may post their touring schedule online, so you can download and incorporate it into your calendar).

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