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Super Size ME!

Super Size ME! wow. while this little bit o’ detective work has been obvious, and in front of everyone’s face for years, it apparently takes a movie to make people sit up and take notice. and for that, i say good job. i expected to see more documentation on where the foods come from and how they’re processed, but the movie focused more on the health effects of eating the food. i think the two are totally related, and that showing the food creation process would really gross people out, but still, the movie was good.

our country never ever takes preemptive steps to address problems. our changes in behavior only come in response to dire circumstances.

problem: oil crisis of the 1970’s.
response: curb energy use.
final result: w/ the problem no longer an issue (cheap oil), we’re back to energy guzzling practices. it’s now apparently becoming cool to be more responsible, but it’s nowhere near what’s necessary, and what happens if and when energy prices dip again? as long as our fuel source is a damage to our health and the environment, fuel prices should stay high to curb our use.

problem: USA is the fattest country in the world. WE’RE FUCKING FAT!!
response: eat healthy and exercise.
reality: try fad diets and stupid gimmicks that allow us to lose weight and be healthy w/o changing diets or exercising, and by stapling our fat stomachs to that we can’t possibly eat as much.

problem: increasing rates of allergies, cold, general malaise.
cause: among many other causes, our buildings emit toxic gases that, when inhaled over long periods of time, increase rates of asthma, chest and eye irritation, colds.
response: we should follow the same path outlined for our obese brethren – chill out on the preservative-laden, processed, contrived housing and office options. don’t sit inside a fluorescent lit box w/o sunlight or operable windows – use natural daylight, plants, fresh air, and non or low-VOC emitting carpets, furniture, paint, and building materials.

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