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higher gas prices = good

and another thing – higher gas prices are not a bad thing! our energy prices are severely deflated as is b/c they don’t account for all of the negative consequences associated w/ burning fossil fuels. greenhouse gases, smog, polluted water… these costs are not built into our energy prices, and cheap gas only encourages further production of these consequences. we should be looking into better modes of mass transportation – upgrade our train, light rail, and bus systems so that people don’t dread taking them. they should be clean and fast, as in europe. OMG!! take the lead from europe?! the US could never do that! healthier, energy efficient buildings?! no way – europe’s doing that – it may hurt our economy!

maybe if we made the costs for everything more realistic, it would improve our economy by forcing new businesses and business models to be developed! huh?! how about that.

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