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blogging break

sorry that i haven’t updated in a while (for anybody that actually visited and wanted to read), but i’ve been so involved w/ the UTSolarD design studio that i haven’t even had time to breathe, let alone update this site. i probably won’t update again until mid to late-June, so i apologize to all offended. on the other hand, you can check UTSolarD as we’re starting to update our news section. we’ll also have a completely revamped website by mid-July, which will be freakin awesome, i’ll tell ya what (yanks – that basically means ‘let me tell ya’ – go watch king of the hill). you can also watch me (and the rest of the UTSolarD Team) on our temporary webcam. it will be fully integrated into the new version of the website – this page was just to make sure that it worked.

before i sign off, i just want to say that our design for the solar decathlon is incredible. our team is working so fantastically well together – we are designing and producing at such prodigious rates, and we mesh so well together, that i don’t see how we can not place tops when this competition rolls around in a year. we rock!

and so i bid you adieu until late June.

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