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procrastination and brilliance

i can’t believe i’m writing at this moment – the final crunch has begun, and my procrastination throughout the semester has finally kicked me in the ass. all is ok, though, i shall prevail. i seem to only function well under pressure, though god knows what i could churn out if i worked this intensely all semester long. same story every few months, yada yada.

the real reason i’m writing now is to profess my amazement at the beauty of a little invention. not really invention, but moreso intervention. it’s those little bumps or raised lines found on the j and the f keys on keyboards, though sometimes they may be found (or felt, rather) on the k and the d keys (that really fucks me up when they do that). aren’t they amazing? you think i’m crazy, and you think it’s no big deal, but try to notice it next time you’re typing. you don’t need to look at the keyboard to find your place, you feel your way. big deal, you say, that’s what the things are supposed to do. exactly! when you don’t even acknowledge that an intervention or invention is doing a job so superbly is when you know what an amazing job the designers did. you still may think i’m nuts, but it’s true. keep an eye out for little things that do their jobs so well you don’t even think about them. you may not be floored by the keyboard nubs, but there are millions of things out there that do similarly fantastic jobs.

on a side note, perhaps that’s where kdlab.net got their name (assuming of course that the k and d instead of j and f were their keyboard nubs)? the supreme finger of each hand, the leaders, the central locations from which all creativity, beauty and intelligence erupts from their brilliant minds and flows delicately, forcefully, chaotically, to become 3d masterpieces.

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