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it’s been an intense few weeks, and will remain so for the next few, so the dearth of postings shall continue. so these few updates are all that shall be seen by curious eyes, and they all have to do w/ completely material objects. i’m a technophile, so all of these updates are computer related.

my laptop has an energy intensive processor. that means it overheats easily, and the cooling fan runs a lot. that makes it loud. so i bought the icurve, which is a laptop stand. it has the benefit of raising the screen to eye level, providing lots of room for air circulation, and it looks really cool. of course it was designed for a mac.

in tandem w/ the icurve laptop stand, i required an external keyboard and mouse, as the laptop is now 6″ off the desk and not very useful as a keyboard anymore. i got a cheap keyboard, but it’s full size and has the number keypad – big plus! i splurged on a rechargeable wireless optical mouse from logitech. che cool. i only considered wireless b/c my desk is already cluttered w/ all sorts of crap and a bunch of cords. i couldn’t see paying for a wireless keyboard, but a mouse makes sense. however, most wireless mouses (mice?) aren’t rechargeable, and there’s no way that i’d spend on new batteries every few months, so this mouse fit the bill. i’ve been very happy w/ it so far, especially b/c it has about 3 trillion buttons. really only 5 plus the scroll wheel, but they’re good buttons. one of them is the equivalent of alt-tab so that you can switch between programs. 2 others are for scrolling up and down a page – instead of continuously scrolling the wheel. then there’s a back and forward button for websurfing, but i turned the forward button into a double-click button, b/c who really ever hits the forward button when surfing? i certainly don’t.

and the final triumphant piece of tech is the palm tungsten|c. i’ve had a handspring visor for 4 years now (they no longer make it) – amazing that i’ve used the same product for so long w/o upgrading! handspring was a company started by a few of the founders of palm, and they competed for a while before selling the company back to palm last year. anyway, at this point the handspring visor that i’ve used is outdated, and the new ones have way more functionality and features built in. the tungsten|c has a built in keyboard (QWERTY), a 65,000 color high-resolution screen, and built in wi-fi (802.11b). it also has the now-standard ability to edit and create ms office documents, so my intense daylighting excel sheets can be done on my bitty little palm – just updates, i can’t really see working intensely on it. but i can email from any wi-fi hotspot w/o my laptop – incredibly convenient! there are many times that i take my laptop w/ me to coffee shops to listen to music, check email and surf during study breaks. now i have my ipod and palm – my increasingly simple complex life is folded down to 2 palm sized devices (plus my phone, which unfortunately has not yet managed to successfully integrate these 2 other products into its small size – but it will w/in a few years, no doubt. then the palm and ipod will be outdated, and i’ll just have my phone. i will forever spend money on things that don’t really upgrade my standard of living, but sure make it fun).

so, i’m off to buy the palm and then back to work – final review is coming up on may12, so lots of work to do. but following final review, i’ll be hosting my first party since i’ve lived in my apartment. leah and i will cohost the party, as she lives 2 house down. we’re going to screen a movie in the park across the street, and then get blazing smashed!

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